Hannah & Amy

Hannah and Amy have worked together since 2015, when MOGA opened its doors. Amy is the inspiration behind MOGA and Hannah is the lead yoga instructor. Together they decided to take Moga Moms Online to connect with mamas across Canada during their childbearing years. Being a mother is a beautiful, intense and emotional roller coaster. It’s important for mamas to take a moment each day to connect with themselves, through breath and movement – in order to find a new sense of balance. Moga Moms Online is about brining balance into your life, while bonding with baby.


Hannah is a mama and passionate yogi. After practicing yoga for over 10 years, Hannah took her Hatha Yoga Teacher training in Toronto. When she began teaching, expecting mamas would flock to her classes. She felt an immediate connection with expecting mamas and mamas post-partum, so in 2014 she decided to specialize in Prenatal and Mom & Baby yoga (She is also specialized in Kids Yoga and Teen Yoga). Hannah is grateful every day that she has found something she loves so much (and she gets to hang out with sweet babies all day!) Most importantly, Hannah is honoured to lead you through your yoga practice at home while you connect with your body prenatally or post-natally, bonding with your baby on your own time without any hassle or stress.


Amy started MOGA while on maternity leave with a desire to create community amongst moms. The goal of MOGA has always been to push back against “get your body back” mentality and support mothers through this incredible journey. Amy started MOGA by teaching mom and baby yoga in her local maternity clinic by donation for the charity Mamas for Mamas (link to their website). Today, she is beyond grateful for the incredible support and growth of MOGA.