MOGA Online Benefits:

  • Yoga on babies time – No stress. No hassle.
  • Access an online community – never feel alone.
  • Build confidence – healing through movement.
  • Available anytime – no commitment.
  • No yoga experience required –for all moms

Simply click on the photo to start your journey with MOGA Moms Online.

Mom & Baby Yoga

Our Mom & Baby Yoga classes are suitable for mamas of newborns to pre-crawlers. Whether you are a new or experienced yoga student, we will guide you through safe stretches that help heal and strengthen the body from the inside out. Most importantly, you will get to bond with your baby in a new way! We incorporate your little one through sounds, songs and movement. This is the perfect combination for busy moms who want to feel strong and connected with their bodies and babies in a fun and nurturing way.

Prenatal Yoga

Our prenatal yoga is suitable for all trimesters and levels of yoga. Yoga during pregnancy energizes the body, improves circulation, aids digestion, relieves fatigue, swelling and tension. You will also learn breathing techniques that can help calm the mind, connect you with your baby, and be a great tool for labour and beyond.

Baby Massage

Babies benefit through loving touch and bonding time with their caregiver. Each video is easy to follow and lead by an experienced Registered Massage Therapist who specializes in Baby Massage. These videos will be your go to when babies are fussy, gassy, and not sleeping. Babies also love routines, and this can become a special part your daily life.

Mama Reset

Parenting is 24/7. It’s hard to squeeze in a break, especially when someone special wants every minute of your time. These resets are designed for the busy parent who needs a quick reset, from 2 minutes to 10 minutes to help make your day that much better. Watch, listen to or do your reset with your kids (which they love!) and reset your day (as many times as needed). The longer videos are designed to help turn off a busy mind, so you can get some much needed rest!